Waqrapukara trek cusco

Waqrapukara Trek

Exploring the Mystical Ruins of Waqrapukara in the Heart of Cusco

Embark on a breathtaking journey to discover the hidden gem of Waqrapukara, a stunning ancient Incan site nestled in the stunning landscapes of Cusco, Peru, and experience the thrill of a lifetime.

Adventure and beauty await you as you trek along Peru's Waqrapukara Trek, beginning in the storied city of Cusco. It's a full-day excursion that is guaranteed to make your journey through this heritage site extraordinary! You'll climb up an altitude of 4,000 meters while traversing past lush farmlands with panoramic views of Peru's unique fauna. Experienced guides will school you on Incan culture and traditions, treating you to breathtaking peaks unseen before. Ultimately culminating with an exciting downhill sector that overlooks the good-looking surroundings - simply spellbinding!

 Waqrapukara trek cusco
 Waqrapukara trek cusco


Waqrapukara, a Quechua phrase meaning Horn Fortress, is aptly named for its huge and imposing rock formations. Situated in the southern province of Cusco, Peru, this incredible archaeological site stands on top of a mountain and provides breathtaking views of seemingly endless mountains as far as the eye can see.

According to folktale, this incredible archaeological site was used for astrological observation and religious practice, in addition to the cultivation of agricultural goods as the buildings are westward facing. While exploring the stone structures, one can find three jambs on vaulted niches, a defining feature of Maukallaqta architecture within Paccarectambo.

This one-day tour in Waqrapukara Hike will take visitors to different ecological areas like quechua, Suni and Puna where you can observe the beautiful range of flora and fauna.

Waqrapukara tour is ideal if you don't have much time, but are searching for an experience both distinct and full of history and culture that is also surrounded by stunning beauty, away from more mainstream sites.


At the start of this exciting day trip, you will be picked up from your hotel at around 4:00 a.m. and begin a two-hour drive to the village of Quiquijana, where you can have breakfast to refuel for the day. Afterwards, we will travel along the serene Pomacanchi Lagoon, which has nearby pastures and multiple fields of crops, making it one of the largest lagoons in the area. We then continue our journey for another hour on an unpaved road to reach the village of Santa Lucia, taking in breathtaking scenery along the road and even a lagoon shimmering on the horizon. When we reach our final destination at the starting point of our hike, there will be plenty of time to prepare our gear. The first section of the hike will take us through three hours as we appreciate the spectacular Apurimac canyon which is one of the largest in Peru; and through several scattered hillsides along the way. At the viewpoint of Waqrapukara, we will pause to rest and take pictures of its legendary horned stone structure along with extraordinary canyon views in full view. We then descend steep trails along the edge of a ravine until we reach sio while admiring the Apurimac River that appears further away in perspective. Here, you are given ample opportunity to wander around the archaeological remains for a further ninety minutes - conquering ancient temples, capturing photographs of its stylised jagged rocks as well as stunning views surrounding it; Waqrapukara even houses pre-Inca and Inca relics, terraces, plus a remarkable history that offers an enjoyable lesson in Andean culture. This fantastic place will certainly leave everyone open-mouthed from start to finish. After meeting up with the group members, we embark again on the same route. Upon our arrival after approximately three additional hours, the transport departs back to the city of Cusco, estimated to arrive at 7:00 pm.



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 Waqrapukara trek cusco

Waqrapukara Trek

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